ArtFest is back with a new theme – “Zooming in, zooming out”!

This year’s theme will be divided into four categories.


Somewhere you feel safe to express and explore yourself, not necessarily a place, which your feet may leave, but your heart never will.

Dive into diversity

Our university is a melting pot of various traditional and modern practices borrowed from all over the world, creating a unique new campus culture.


Common core values and experiences based on the background of spiritual and material customs that historically connect people living in the same environment or having common ancestors.


An active choice of self-identification and self-expression –– from which music we enjoy to which people we surround ourselves with.

This topic is meant to address the impact of culture on individuals, communities, ethnic groups and/or nations. All of us were raised in a certain “bigger” culture that depended on our environment, family values, and country particularities. Throughout our lives, we were exposed to other, “more narrow” cultural flows through movies, music, literature and communication with other people. This all has shaped us and has become part of our personality, creating a unique cultural mix for every person and making each of them a new voice to spread their views. We, the Artfest team, serving as a prism, wish to explore the impact of culture/s on a person through their artworks.

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