ArtFest is back with a new theme – “Continuum: Traces of Life in the Hands of Time”! With this theme, we hope to explore the impact of time in our lives, how different aspects of life are related to time and how time brings unforeseen changes that motivate us to lead meaningful lives.

The theme is divided into three categories.


How we perceive the world around us. Everyone has their own interpretations of life and the memories we remember add meaning to the life we live and help us to become the person we are today!


Explores our essence as humans. It can range from the emotions we feel to the relationships we forge through the years.


The introduction of novel ideas, methods and inventions. Not only can we approach the theme of innovation through science and evolution but also through fashion, art, music and many more!

Time is infinite. And us, human beings are just creatures that get born, grow up and eventually die. After completing that cycle, everyone just becomes a single trace in some time intervals. Our lives are dependent on time since we can’t stop it nor take it back. Before having your whole life as a trace in time, we should accept that time has a continuum and we just have to let it flow. As all the human beings change day by day in their own small cycles, on the other hand humanity evolves and perceptions switch. This variation leads to innovations in many areas that our lives are based on.

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