Held on the 3rd and 4th of May, 2019, our exhibition counted with the artwork from 29 external artists and 33 students. A total of 30 students performing, 8 clubs participating and 28 members organizing the event as part of the ArtFest 2019 Organizing Team! 

Don’t forget to watch our Aftermovie!

Together, artists and visitors, submerged themselves in a multidimensional experience reflecting the human emotions. Our exhibition was divided into the following rooms:

  • The Yellow Room – Happiness, Joy, and Hope. Some of the most sought-after human emotions, even if only for a short moment. Find here artistic interpretations of these delicate emotions all in yellow.
  • The Theatre Room – The darker ranges in the spectrum of the human emotions.
  • The Black Room – The furthest depths of the human emotions. Here visitors found themselves facing their innermost feelings that we often want to hide from the world.
  • The Blue Room – Sadness and anxiety, some of the most painful emotions to cope with, can also inspire some of the most beautiful works of art. Presented here were the works of artists who were left feeling blue.
  • The Red Room – From love to hate. Burning brightly like a red-hot flame, the midst of some of the most powerful of human emotions were introduced in this room. 
  • The Live Music Room – the live music playing around the visitor as their journey through a spectrum of emotions drew to the end…
  • The White Room – The complex emotions. Like vividly coloured light beams converging together in a singular harmonic white light, the art that was found here conveyed many mixed emotions of peace and serenity.

The workshops that were held were:

  • The photography workshop (Hosted by the Photography Club)
  • The Paperstudio (Hosted by Cornelia Lohmann)
  • Aquarell Painting (Hosted by Peter Bock)
  • The Pottery workshop (Hosted by the Pottery Club)
  • The Ballroom dancing workshop (Hosted by the Ballroom Club)

Intrigued? Were not there last year?



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