First founded in 2017, ArtFest soon became the vibrant and well-known art exhibition at Constructor University (former Jacobs University Bremen), featuring new art pieces, live performances, and insightful workshops every year. The exhibition welcomes all forms of art: dancing, drawings, paintings, photographs, written and spoken poetry, pottery, singing, theatre pieces… the list goes on and on.

Our community unites talented artists, active students, and art clubs from Constructor University, the Bremen area, and abroad. ArtFest 2022 displayed over 100 art pieces created by more than 100 artists from all over the world.

This years theme is: “Culture: Zooming in, Zooming out”

This topic is meant to address the impact of culture on individuals, communities, ethnic groups and/or nations. All of us were raised in a certain “bigger” culture that depended on our environment, family values, and country particularities. Throughout our lives, we were exposed to other, “more narrow” cultural flows through movies, music, literature and communication with other people. This all has shaped us and has become part of our personality, creating a unique cultural mix for every person and making each of them a new voice to spread their views. We, the Artfest team, serving as a prism, wish to explore the impact of culture/s on a person through their artworks.

Submissions are OPENED

The submissions period for ArtFest 2023 is open until February 22nd. We encourage you to share your art with us!

Information for Participants

The ArtFest Exhibition will include all kinds of art: carttoons, sketches & collages;, paintings, drawings, printmaking & digital art; pjotography & film; poetry, theatre, dance, performances, sculptures, intallations and more

ArtFest 2019 presented:

  • 33 Students displaying their work
  • 29 external artists exhibiting their pieces
  • 30 students performing
  • 8 art related clubs participating
  • 170 pieces on display

Local artists and students displayed their artwork during Art Fest! This year we are opening our submissions to international artists as well!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
We want to bring the Bremen and international community of artists together!

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